gold watch for women

Gold watch for women: A mega trend that lasts forever

Gold watches, beyond the price of the gold found in them, are considered watches that transmit a clear statement of success. You will see them adorn the wrists of successful business men and women when they want to convey a subdued classicism and a sense of security. It can be said that not only the quality and branding of the watch determines the impression created, but also the material from which the watch is made, and if one goes for the classic impression, there is nothing like a gold watch for a woman or a man, to transmit it.

So, how to choose a gold watch for a woman? And should you buy A designer watch or a quality watch that is not necessarily branded?

Here are some guidelines for choosing the right watch:

There are some conventional truths (or universal truths) to keep in mind when buying a women’s watch. For example, being a well-known “brand” watch is nice, but absolutely not the only correct reason to choose it. Not every “brand” will appeal to every woman. What’s more – sometimes, when it comes to a quality functional watch versus a branded watch, the only advantage a watch of the second type has is its branding.

In addition, it is important to note that in the female wristwatch market, there are many watch models the only thing that can be said and be credited is that they are branded, and yet, their price is considerably higher than that of the other quality watches.

Different styles for different watches

Choosing the style or shape of the watch structure is especially important when it comes to women’s watches. The most classic and popular shape is round, but, some women prefer their watch to be bolder, perhaps a little more “masculine” in the shape of a square. Rectangular watches can be very fashionable, and the same is true for curved watches or other unusual shapes that can catch the eye and make a fashionable or personal statement. The different types of watches can be divided into an everyday watch, a luxury watch for special events and a functional watch for sports. In the first two types the emphasis is on the external shape of the watch and its decoration (a watch that is also a jewel), while a third type watch will be selected by examining its compilations and ability to meet the tasks assigned to it (such as depth of dive, water resistance, built-in functions)

Matching the size of the watch to the Wrist circumference

The circumference of women’s wrists is usually smaller than that of men and ranges from about 12 cm to 17 cm. As a result, in order not to “burden” the wrist of the watch wearer, the case diameter of watches for Women range from 22mm to 34mm, depending on the style of the watch and the company that made it.

A smaller watch diameter (22 mm to 28 mm) will be more suitable for an ultra-thin wrist (12 cm to 14 cm), for example, while a watch diameter of 28 to 34 mm will be more suitable for the wrists of an average woman (14-17 cm). It should also be emphasized that the size of the watch may also depend on its use: casual watches and watches for special occasions tend to be smaller and more delicate and have elegant designs, while sports watches have larger dials or have a digital display.

Choosing the mechanism in a wristwatch for women

In buying any watch, one of the initial decisions is the decision between a mechanical mechanism and a quartz mechanism.

Most of the classic watches we are familiar with are mechanical watches, however, they may suffer from inaccuracy, which makes them less suitable than watches based on quartz mechanisms – the “innovation” that took the watch world by storm in the 70’s. Quartz watches are indeed more practical, reliable, usually cheaper and require less maintenance. However, many women, as well as men, continue to choose watches with a mechanical mechanism, probably due to habit.

The materials from which the watch is made

The look of a watch designed for women is of crucial importance, probably more than men’s watches, and the material from which the watch is made plays a vital role.

Gold watches continue to be in high demand, and the use of gold is now considered more popular in women’s watches than men’s watches. There are different types of gold used today, and which include the classic yellow gold, white gold and rose gold. Platinum is also often used to create the fashionable two-tone effect.

Stainless steel is also widely used by watchmakers, but it is mainly to give the watch a more “masculine” look. Ceramic watches now occupy an increasing share in modern designs of women’s watches, as it is scratch resistant and more practical. Also, like stainless steel, it is a material to which hypo-allergenic properties are attributed, which also allows women with sensitivities to wear watches made from this material.

Metal strap, leather strap or plastic strap?

There are different styles of watch straps, from metal straps, leather straps to plastic straps. A metal strap is basically a bracelet that is made of a material like stainless steel, like gold watches or watches that combine metals of different types. Metal straps are the standard in elegant watches for special occasions, as well as in fashionable watches for everyday use. Leather or plastic straps are usually made in different shades or colors and their color can match the dials or alternatively create a fashionable contrast to the different parts of the watch.

It is important to note that although plastic straps for the watch are considered less “luxurious”, they are a particularly durable material that can be easily cleaned.

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